Infamous Brooklyn Subway Shooter Receives Hefty Sentence

The person who set off smoke bombs on a packed New York City subway train in April 2022 and then opened fire, killing ten people, was given a life sentence on Thursday. His act was one of the most violent incidents ever recorded in the city’s public transportation system.

At a hearing in federal court in Brooklyn, the 64-year-old shooter, Frank James, was sentenced to ten life terms with an additional ten years by Judge William Kuntz in U.S. District Court. In January, James pleaded guilty to ten counts of terrorism and weapons offenses.

FBI New York field office head James Smith released a statement after Frank James was sentenced, calling what he did a deliberate act of terror against the city.

He said his goal was to cause harm to people who were going about their day as usual during the morning rush hour.

Commuters had been on edge after a string of incidents where people had been shoved onto subway tracks. At a time when various acts of violence were occurring in America’s most extensive metropolitan transit system, this was the most heinous.

James, arrested 30 hours after the attack on the Manhattan-bound N train in the East Village area of Manhattan, admitted his guilt in front of a judge in January.

During the morning commute, he set off smoke bombs and opened fire as the train pulled into the Sunset Park station below in Brooklyn. According to the authorities, James shot ten individuals, and another 13 were hurt in the chaos. Miraculously, no one was killed.

His lawyers reportedly requested a sentence of just 18 years in prison.

James’s last residence was in the Bronx, but he has previously called Philadelphia and Milwaukee home. According to the NYPD, he has been detained nine times in the Big Apple and three times in nearby New Jersey.

He will most likely reside in prison for the remainder of his life.