Hunter Biden Lawyer To Make Documentary Of First Son

Hunter Biden, who has remained mostly silent during his father’s presidency due to high-profile investigations against him, may use a documentary to “have the final word” about his controversial and widely-publicized life.

Last month, when Hunter Biden announced his refusal to comply with the subpoena for a congressional deposition in favor of a public hearing, a video team was among the cameras gathered outside the Capitol building in Washington. House Republicans are investigating the financial transactions of Hunter Biden’s family, and Biden himself blasted them during the news conference.

Kevin Morris, the so-called “sugar brother” and lawyer for Hunter Biden, has a video crew following the first son around for a documentary that glorifies his client, who has a history of scandals, including his December news conference after refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena.

Media members previously saw the video crew following Hunter on many critical public appearances at the Georges Berges gallery in Soho, where he attempted to sell artwork to “unknown” purchasers.

According to reports, the documentary is being made as a public relations stunt to divert attention away from the ongoing judicial and legislative investigations against Hunter:

Morris, a longtime supporter of Hunter Biden, accompanied the documentary crew to the 2022 film My Son Hunter and questioned the director about the infamous “laptop from hell.”
According to the article, Morris has frequently contacted Hunter Biden, the first son and Hollywood lawyer, since 2019.

Morris has also helped Hunter Biden financially when he was behind on taxes and other bills; the younger Biden has said that he would have been lost without Morris’s assistance. Morris, he said, had “been a brother” to him.

This tactic isn’t new. As a parent and husband, Biden would be able to be shown in a documentary without a third party: creating art, selling it, raising a kid, and dealing with the day-to-day challenges of sobriety while facing continuous criminal investigations and being targeted by Trump and his followers.