Houthi Rebels Caught With Shipload Of Weapons

Central Command claims that Iran supplied the deadly weapons to the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, but US Navy SEALs have intercepted and destroyed them. The armaments included warheads for ballistic and anti-ship missiles.

According to USCENTCOM, the Houthis received their first advanced conventional weapons (ACW) from Iran in this lethal shipment.

The United States is looking to restrict the transfer of advanced combat weapons (ACWs) to avoid destabilizing accumulations of military capabilities. These weapons are contemporary and sophisticated.

Iran is still providing sophisticated lethal help to the Houthis, and the sale, transfer, or supply of weapons to the Houthis in Yemen breaches both international law and UN Security Resolution 2216.

To regain freedom of passage, central command stated that the U.S. would continue to engage with regional and international allies to uncover and intercept these actions.

Tensions in the area have reached a boiling point, and this is the first time the US Navy has captured components for sophisticated ballistic missiles and cruise missiles made by Iran since November 2019.

A defense official said the dhow’s crew intended to move the missile components—including warheads and engines—to another vessel near Somalia’s shore.
The person, who requested anonymity to disclose specifics that have not been made public, said that the Navy had identified the vessel as one that had a history of bringing illicit weapons from Iran to Somalia.

This follows the recent seizure of over 2,100 assault weapons from a ship in the Gulf of Oman by the United States.

Last week, the Navy said that a squad from the Cyclone-class coastal patrol vessel USS Chinook had discovered hundreds of Kalashnikov-style firearms during their boarding of another dhow.

Typically, the most highly-trained and elite personnel in the military carry out VBSS operations, which include the most recent mission that has received a lot of media attention.