Governor Newsom Forced to Watch Video of Biden’s Gaffes

During a fiery exchange between Fox News host Sean Hannity and California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday, Hannity compelled Newsom to watch a compilation showcasing President Joe Biden’s “embarrassing struggles.”

This showcase occurred after Newsom defended Biden against allegations of cognitive incompetence.

As Hannity and Newsom engaged in a heated debate regarding Biden’s accomplishments as president, Hannity pointed out that this is the dilemma Joe Biden faces.

He noted that Newsome was arguing and fighting and said he was eloquent. Hannity stated that the two could spend three hours talking, have a couple of beers in between, and that Newsom could still keep going.

Asserting that “Herein lies the issue,” Hannity claimed. He told Newsome, your president cannot engage in such a conversation.

Hannity felt the president lacks the capability. He asked, “Is Joe Biden truly up to being president?”

To underscore his point, Hannity invited Newsom to glance at the monitor displaying footage of Biden.

During the exchange, Hannity proceeded to showcase a compilation of President Biden’s well-known gaffes from recent years, featuring instances of him mumbling incoherently, mispronouncing names, and even appearing to forget his trip to Ireland.

The on-screen chyron emphasized the theme with the words, “BIDEN’S EMBARRASSING STRUGGLES.”

As Newsom endured over a minute of these video clips, Hannity interjected, “And then there’s Joe Biden, who seems to have difficulty staying on his feet.

Take a look at this,” prompting the airing of another video showing Biden stumbling following a Colorado Springs speech on June 1.

Hannity asked Newsome to convince him that Biden possesses the cognitive strength to lead the country against formidable adversaries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and a new Axis of evil.

In response, Newsom asserted, “It’s not a matter of thinking he’s capable. I know he’s capable. I witness the results. I’ve observed a masterclass in achieving outcomes over the past few years.”

When Hannity asked Newsome directly if Biden was “cognitively strong enough to be president,” Newsom affirmed, “I engage in conversations with him regularly. Yes.”