Governor Admits Homeless Situation Is His Fault

After being questioned by Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on the homeless population in California on Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom called California’s situation “a disgrace” and said that the state had not produced improvements over the last twenty years.

Hannity mentioned that Walgreens, Whole Foods, and other stores are closing in San Francisco due to smash-and-grab robberies. He asked about homelessness, taxes, crime, and bureaucracy, noting that the number of homeless people is concerning.

Newsom stated that he acknowledged it and then added that he wouldn’t compare themselves to anyone. The homeless issue is shameful. It is a disgrace.

The governor acknowledged that California hadn’t made any improvements over the past twenty years regarding homelessness. Hannity asked why. Hannity mentioned that California has a larger homeless population than Florida, to which Newsom responded in agreement. Newsom said the dynamics exhibit significant variation.

He acknowledged responsibility for it, and he said he was not defending it. But in a portion of the interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) attempted to shift responsibility onto another individual.

Governor Newsom said that he could not solve the issue of homelessness in California within his 2nd four-year term, especially considering the high levels of homelessness that were present in 2005 under a Republican administration. He also noted that California’s situation is different from that of Florida, where the homeless population is much smaller. However, he emphasized that California is responsible for addressing the problem.

The governor then listed the steps that he took to tackle the issue.

After a heated conversation over the state of California’s dwindling population and President Joe Biden’s administration, Hannity forced Newsom to watch an embarrassing video of Biden’s issues.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden lost it when asked about the “big guy” reference found in an FBI informant’s dossier that claims he accepted $5 million in bribes.

FBI officials last week sent lawmakers an unclassified document allegedly written by an informant who claimed Joe Biden had received a $5 million bribery payment from a Ukrainian tycoon.