Google Sued After Man Dies Following Map Directions

The fall equinox has passed after occurring on September 23rd and the autumn season is now in full swing. While autumn annually brings about jovial festivities like Halloween, the fall harvest, and more, it also is a sign of the approaching nature of election day. Every year in early November, Americans across the nation cast their ballots in various state, local, and federal election cycles. With the 2024 presidential election still over a year away and several states holding meaningful state-legislative elections this year, national media organizations have preferred to promote an increased focus on the impending 2024 battle for the White House. In a recent poll, the two current major party frontrunners, the incumbent president Joe Biden and the former 45th President Donald Trump are locked in a statistical “dead heat”.

In 2020, Trump lost a close election to Joe Biden. While the former president continues to claim the election was “stolen” (and this claim remains debatable and there is no significant evidence that has yet been made available to prove its validity), the bias in which the mainstream media has operated under is undeniable. In other words, tech companies such as google and X (Twitter), had previously worked to control the flow of information in order to assist Democratic candidates.

In recent times, one company, (Google) is facing a lawsuit after a North Carolina man perished after driving his car off a collapsed bridge while using Google Maps GPS services. The family has claimed that Google was negligent because it had been notified of the damage on the bridge but did not update its application to inform drivers. Philip Paxson passed away on September 30th after driving his vehicle in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Google Maps directed him to proceed over a bridge, but that bridge had collapsed 9 years ago and was never repaired. There were no warning signs on the roadway. This horrific story is truly tragic.