Fox News Reporter Almost Gets Hit With Hamas Rocket

A Hamas missile exploded less than 100 feet from a Fox News reporter and his team, and the incident was broadcast live on national television.

Fox News journalist Trey Yingst was in harm’s way while providing live coverage from Sderot, Israel, on Friday. It was very near to the area where journalists had been reporting about events close to the border when a rocket fired by Hamas terrorists landed.

He then posted a video on X showing the instant the rocket exploded close to them.

Before broadcasting the event, Yingst and his team dove for shelter. He seemed startled and out of breath following the close call.

On the broadcast, Yingst claimed to have heard a “direct hit.” Soldiers arrived on the site after a missile struck the building close to where they were.

The attack, which destroyed a structure and several cars, occurred near Israel’s southern border with Gaza, and Fox News journalist Trey Yingst had an interview about it. While Israeli military and police officials rushed to the scene to assess the damage and treat any victims, other alarms continued to sound.

Walls bore the marks of shrapnel from the rocket that had evaded Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. According to the journalist, there have been so many missile attacks on Israel that the Iron Dome’s defenses just cannot keep up.

Yingst said the Iron Dome system is designed to let through some rockets that are aimed at evacuated regions. The plan is to keep more powerful rockets available for deployment in heavily populated areas, where they may have the most impact on saving lives.

CNN photographer Matthias Somm, stationed nearby when the missile went off, filmed the explosion, and the reporter shared it with Yingst.

A fragment of the missile was also shown to the network’s viewers. He identified it as the rocket’s propulsion system.

He gave the video as an illustration of how quickly Israeli citizens have to respond when a rocket is launched and not destroyed.