Former Trump Ally Calls Out Grift Tactics

Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen suggested in a recent interview that Trump would exploit the multiple indictments against him for “as long as he can” to raise as much money as he could before he is potentially convicted, The Hill reported.

While appearing on CNN with host Jim Acosta on December 23, Cohen was asked if he thought Donald Trump was getting nervous or desperate about the multiple court cases and indictments against him.

The former Trump “fixer” suggested that Trump wasn’t bothered by the indictments because he could use them to incite his base. He explained that the more Trump incites his base, the more money the Trump PACs can raise.

Cohen predicted that Trump would “continue to ride this grift as long as he can,” and said he thought Trump would only get nervous about the indictments once the trials approach.

Cohen dismissed the idea that Trump could be getting desperate, explaining that Trump “doesn’t see things the way most people see them.”

He explained that for Trump, a trial starting in March is “an eternity away.” He said it won’t be until the trial is “around the corner,” perhaps a few days or a week out, that it will “start to hit him” and Trump will suddenly realize that this is happening and he will have to defend himself.

He told host Jim Acosta that four of the trials that are currently pending could result in “legitimate jail time” for Trump. He said if Trump is convicted on all 91 charges, “he could potentially be sentenced to over 700 years.”

Calling that a “crazy, crazy number,” Cohen concluded that Trump planned to “ride this same ideology” throughout to “keep his base incited.”

“It’s all about the grift to raise more and more money,” Cohen concluded.