Former Obama Official Signals Trouble If Trump Barred From Ballot

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, the national political climate in the union has continued to deteriorate. While political tensions in America have undoubtedly been on the rise over the last decade in the terms of three presidents, fiscal, social, and cultural conditions in the country have sizably worsened under the Biden administration. Across all 50 states, working class citizens have grappled with the effects of record levels of inflation not witnessed in decades brought about by reckless government spending. At the southern border, over 5 million illegal migrants have crossed the porous region into the nation since 2021.

While the presidential election of 2024 remains political lightyears away, both the Democratic and Republican parties are gearing up for the upcoming battle for the federal executive office. In the Democratic party, while vulnerable President Biden remains the party frontrunner for the nomination. In the Republican party, the former 45th President Donald Trump maintains a 40 point lead over his only challenger, Nikki Haley. Trump has maintained this significant lead in the face of four criminal indictments, which have actually acted as a motivating force for prospective Republican voters and galvanized support for the American business mogul from New York City. Despite signs that Trump may win the 2024 GOP nomination, opponents on both sides of the aisle are pulling out all the stops to bar him from taking office. The national political climate is ominous; the former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee has speculated that the upcoming election could be the “last American election”, alluding to the potential for a second civil war.

Recently, a former Obama administration official claimed trouble would be afoot if Trump was barred from appearing on the presidential ballot. David Axelrod claimed that if the Supreme Court held the Colorado ruling barring Trump from the ballot, serious consequences and political chaos could ensue.