Final Moments Of Man Who Died In Airplane Engine Caught On Video

According to local reports, a disturbing video just surfaced showing a man from Utah going through an emergency escape, sprinting to the runway, and then being found dead in the engine of a Delta Airline airplane.

On New Year’s Day, 30-year-old Kyler Efinger was discovered dead after he got inside an airplane’s turbine. Salt Lake City International Airport was in the process of getting the aircraft ready to take off.  The jet carried 100 passengers.

After getting into a confrontation with someone who appeared to be an airport official, Efinger tries to unlock a closed door in the video. He chases after her, knocking open a second door and rushing down the stairs after kicking a window.

Towards the end of the video, a thermal imaging camera outside the building seems to capture Efinger sprinting over the asphalt in the direction of an aircraft. According to footage from an additional camera, he dashes off again, kicking open a second door leading to an emergency escape, before hurriedly descending the stairway.

The film ends just as the guy reaches the plane.

Although it is yet to be verified, Efinger’s loved ones speculate that he could have had a mental breakdown just before boarding the plane to Denver to see his sick grandfather.

According to Efinger’s family, he believed the TSA was profiling him.  His bipolar disease may have triggered the incident.

Following a disturbance complaint by an airport shop manager shortly before, Efinger was found partially inside a wing-mounted engine of the plane.

According to the news, airport workers and police in Salt Lake City discovered Efinger’s belongings scattered around the tarmac. He was removed from the engine, and despite attempts to revive him, he was declared dead on the spot.

Exactly what killed this person is still a mystery, according to the medical examiner’s office.  The security violation and fatality are still under investigation by the authorities.