Fallen Veterans Honored On ‘Wreaths Across America Day’

In honor of Wreaths Across America Day, hundreds of people flocked to West Virginia National Cemetery on December 16th to lay thousands of wreaths on the graves of soldiers.

According to a local report, almost 700 individuals gave their time to carry on the tradition that has been going strong since the organization’s founding in 2007. Six thousand three hundred wreaths were laid, and several volunteers spoke about their motivation for participating in the ceremony.

To be a part of the event, some drove for four hours.

A report shows that more than 3,400 cemeteries observe Wreaths Across America Day in West Virginia and throughout the United States.

In addition, every year, the charitable group gathers at Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying ceremony, which volunteers like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have been known to attend.

Morrill Worcester, proprietor of the Worcester Wreath Company in Maine, had an abundance of wreaths just before the 1992 holiday season. Veterans and other organizations joined Wreaths Across America after the shop owner started putting his extra wreaths on the graves of soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery every year. This practice gained increasing attention.
Wreaths may be sponsored by community members all year round.

Cliff VanGilder, wreath organizer at Grafton National Cemetery and West Virginia National Cemetery, said that one of their purposes is to educate and motivate younger generations.

In an interview with local media, VanGilder expressed the group’s desire to include all of the area’s schools to educate the next generation.

He went on to say that the deceased soldiers had fought for the liberties we have right now and that the reason the neighboring counties should visit the cemetery is because of the ultimate sacrifice that everyone buried here made.

Once the wreaths have withered away, they will be deposited in Tygart Lake as part of the local fish habitats, according to VanGilder.

To honor the departed, Wreaths Across America is collecting wreaths. Those who serve deserve honor. Instill a sense of liberty in the minds of future generations. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the program. They toil away all year to spread the word about our vital purpose and encourage others to get involved.