Democrat PAC Pushes Dean Phillips Over Biden

According to reports, a PAC (Political Action Committee) commercial raises doubts about President Biden’s 2024 reelection prospects and calls for a change in leadership, using Rep. Dean Phillips as an example.

With the support from a super PAC that’s anti-Trump and anti-Biden, Mr. Phillips’ longshot campaign has received national airtime, dealing another blow to Biden.

New Hampshire residents may have seen the Pass the Torch PAC commercial that includes a passage from the 1961 inauguration speech of President John F. Kennedy.

The PAC presentation showcases data from a survey conducted by the New York Times-Siena College, which reveals that Biden is trailing behind former President Donald J. Trump in key states such as Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Steve Schmidt, a senior advisor to the 2008 presidential campaign of the late Senator John McCain, supports the super PAC. In an X Saturday post, Phillips said that while Schmidt was instrumental in getting him started, he is not linked with his campaign.

According to AdImpact, the organization has spent $192,000 on airwaves in New Hampshire up to the Democrat primary on January 23. The amount of airtime reserved for Phillips’ campaign is $410,000.

Biden will not be on the ballot in New Hampshire because the state did not agree with the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) drive to the Granite State later in the primary schedule.
Biden’s allies in the state still urge voters to write in Biden.

Biden leads Marianne Williamson and Phillips in polls.

A CNN survey shows Joe Biden’s popularity rating has plummeted again. Biden is in ‘danger territory’ at sub 40%. These polling results will increase discussion of Democrats removing Biden prior to the election.

As expected, many Democrats are unhappy with Biden’s leadership. All except the rich are suffering.

As economic and other problems persist, Biden and his backers have mostly ignored polls that some see as warning flags for his reelection effort.