Deep State Likely Responsible For Trump Ruling

Over the last seven years since the 2016 presidential election in which the business and real estate mogul from New York City Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over the Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton, the state of American politics has deteriorated. Indeed, political discourse on nearly every level has worsened, and the nation today feels like one that is polarized, divided, and tense to such an extent that these realities are not likely to have been experienced since the American Civil War nearly 160 years prior. While many media pundits and politicians from both major parties have blamed Donald Trump and his conservative populist rhetoric for the rise in political tensions, the reality is that the progressive coalitions in American politics have been stoking the flames of a cold cultural war for decades.

Radical leftists have sought for decades to fundamentally transform the nature of American society by destroying traditional values. The nuclear family has been wholeheartedly assaulted, and today for the first time in national history a clear cut minority of domestic families currently are structured around the layout of the traditional nuclear family. The education system has continued to push radical transgender ideologies in many public schools in progressively dominated states, and in truth the state of America’s youth is poor.

Even the American judicial systems appear to be losing their integrity. Recently, the state supreme court of Colorado ruled that the former 45th President Donald Trump should be removed from the states presidential primary ballot, citing the 14th amendment. In that amendment, an archaic provision meant to deter Confederate military members from holding federal office has been applied to Trump, even though he has not been convicted of any wrongdoing and has not even had a trial in any of his indictment cases. Supposedly, the leftist activist group that lobbied for Trump to be removed in Colorado has a direct link to the Biden administration.