Deadly HEAT – These States Are WARNED

The American National Weather Service (NWS) has issued an advisory covering eleven states for an extreme heat wave. Residents of those states are urged to avoid going outdoors during the advisory, which, in some areas, goes all the way into the middle of next week.

Parts of Arkansas, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tenessee, Oregon, Washington, and Texas.

An “Excessive Heat Warning” issues from the National Weather service when it expects the next twelve to twenty-four hours to see temperature reach or exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures—or temperature humidity combinations—of that level seriously increase the risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other medical conditions that are induced or exacerbated by high temperatures.

Residents who fall within the affected areas are urged by forecasters to stay well hydrated, to take advantage of air conditioning, and to avoid activity outside in the sun as much as possible. The National Weather Service also suggests that the able-bodied check in on their neighbors and their relatives during the heat wave in case any of them become incapacitated.

Those who cannot avoid the outdoor heat should take precautions against the danger. Loose-fitting clothing of lightweight cloth is a must, with bonus cooling points for loose weaves that let the breeze easily flow through. Any strenuous activities should be confined to the morning and evening hours when the sun and temperatures are low—or, at least, lower. Lightweight hats are also recommended to shield the head from heat build-up and provide shade for the eyes.

The warning announcement also had special advice for those who work outdoors. Frequent breaks in shaded and/or air conditioned environments will help manage the heat, as will breezes and fans. Those who labor outdoors should also be doubly sure to drink plenty of fluids and get enough salts to keep their electrolytes in balance, as water alone is not enough to replenish the body from losses incurred by sweating.