Cop Sentenced To Prison For Rough Handling Of Suspect

On Wednesday, a former Gary police officer who admitted to using excessive force during the arrest of a handcuffed man was sentenced to a year in federal prison.

After disturbing bodycam footage showed an Indianapolis police sergeant stomping on a shackled homeless man’s face as he lay on the ground, federal charges were filed against the officer.

A federal grand jury has charged Sergeant Eric Huxley, 44, a 15-year veteran, for using excessive force on a black man on September 24, 2021.

One count of violation of rights under cover of law with the use of a deadly weapon that resulted in bodily damage was filed against Huxley.

Sergeant Christopher Kibbey and Officer Matthew Shores were attempting to make a disorderly conduct arrest on Jermaine Vaughn when Vaughn resisted, and they forced him to the ground.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the man was on the ground, gazing up at Ofc. He shores with his wrists tied behind his back. Sgt. Huxley approached the victim, raised his left leg, and slammed his foot down on the man’s face.

It said that immediately, blood could be seen in the man’s mouth.

The footage shows Huxley screaming at Vaughn after he kicked the man in the face.

The victim yells out, “Police brutality!” after being beaten.

The accusation from the federal grand jury states that Huxley kicked the man without cause.

In addition to facing felony accusations of violence and official misconduct at the municipal level, Huxley has been suspended without pay.

Two additional officers who reported Huxley have filed a separate federal complaint against the city, police department, and Police Chief Randal Taylor, alleging retribution.

The two officers claim the department falsely accused them of not filing a timely report and placed them on administrative leave and that they were also ordered to trade in their patrol vehicles for older ones that had been “found to be hazardous,” as WTHR reported.

According to Taylor, “this event was unwarranted and should have never occurred” when the indictment was handed out on Tuesday.

This behavior is unacceptable in my book, and Sergeant Huxley is no exception. As law enforcement personnel, we must recognize that actions undermine our public confidence. He said, “We believe the legal system will do the right thing by [the man] and his family.”