California Governor Admits Lockdowns Were A “Dumb Mistake”

On a Monday night Fox Interview, Sean Hannity managed to elicit an admission from Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) regarding what he called “a dumb mistake” made during the fall of 2020. This incident occurred when California was implementing some of the most stringent Covid protocols in the country.

During the interview, Hannity playfully criticized Newsom for his presence at a 12-person dinner at an upscale Napa restaurant, The French Laundry.

On the evening of November 6, 2020, the notable gathering took place at the renowned restaurant in Yountville, Napa County.

The occasion was the 50th birthday celebration of Jason Kinney, a close friend, and adviser to Governor Newsom, who also holds a partnership position at the lobbying firm Axiom Advisors. Among the attendees were Governor Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

According to state guidelines, gatherings are restricted to a maximum of three households, defined as social situations where individuals from different families convene in a single space.

Although representatives for Kinney and Newsom chose not to disclose the exact number of households present, they did not deny that it exceeded the permitted limit.

Initially, Nathan Click, the communications director for Governor Newsom, defended the birthday celebration by highlighting that it took place outdoors at the restaurant.

The restaurant must adhere to specific coronavirus safety regulations established by the state for the dining industry. However, these guidelines do not address whether individuals from more than three households can dine together.

“I think it’s fair to say that going to the French Laundry was probably not the best decision,” Hannity remarked. “Just my two cents.”

Newsom had previously apologized for participating in the dinner while advocating for strict Covid mitigation measures. However, he spoke candidly about the incident nearly three years later, reflecting on his actions.

“It was a foolish mistake,” admitted Newsom. “A terrible mistake. It may not have been illegal, but it was unquestionably wrong.

I completely disregarded the principles I was preaching, and it was a wrong decision. I take full responsibility for it.”

Hannity acknowledged Newsom’s admission by saying, “That’s a fair assessment.”

However, Newsom swiftly shifted gears, going on the offensive. “And you know what? No one else has ever made a mistake by the grace of God,” Newsom retorted. “I suppose I did, and I take ownership of it. It was wrong.”

Hannity, though, didn’t let the governor off lightly. “Everyone makes mistakes,” he stated. “However, that particular mistake was truly foolish.”

“I agree,” concurred Newsom.

“And I accept it,” Newsom added. “So, I don’t require any reminders about it.”