Biological Men Displace Women In Major Sporting Event

On Monday, Megyn Kelly responded to Sunday’s Illinois State Women’s Cyclocross Championship, in which two males came in first and second.

There was only room on the podium for one female competitor after Tessa (Michael) Johnson and “Evelyn” Williamson claimed first and second place in the women’s singlespeed event, respectively.

“Infuriating” was the only word that could describe the male competitors in the women’s athletic event, according to the Sirius XM presenter of the “Megyn Kelly Show” podcast.

Kelly was curious as to why more women weren’t protesting the violation of their rights.

“Women are rising, but it’s largely males who write the rules,” legendary tennis star Martina Navratilova responded.

In response to the news that two men had won the women’s competition, Riley Gaines, a former collegiate swimmer, commented, “USACycling has two divisions for men and none for women.”

Evelyn Williamson and Tessa Johnson, who are transgender, have been dominating; this is their second podium finish in as many months.

Various races were held during the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships, including men’s, women’s, and juvenile divisions. The biological women’s bronze medalist, Kristin Chalmers, seemed to be smiling as she stood on the platform beside the biological males, Johnson and Williamson, who won gold and silver, respectively.

During the women’s Cyclocross Cup in Chicago in October, the same shameful outcome occurred, with Johnson getting gold and Williamson receiving silver. In third place was Allison Zmuda, who, like Chalmers, was overjoyed to be on the podium

Williamson and Johnson have been making a mockery of biological women and women’s cycling for a long time. They raced in the August Racing-Athletic Relay Cross in Chicago as TS-Estrodolls. They triumphed in the race despite using a moniker that alludes to estrogen.

Williamson has achieved 18 first-place finishes since 2017, racing against women. The pair struggled when pitted against male competitors.

Among Williamson’s alleged “throuple relationships” are those with fellow trans cyclist Austin Killips and another person.