Biden Tries To Justify Trump’s Ballot Removal

For a career politician of over 40 years of service in Washington D.C., President Joe Biden continues to appear increasingly incompetent and often has made decisions that appear to have blatantly detrimental consequences for the American nation. Early in his presidency, Biden rescinded many of the former president Donald Trump’s immigration policies pertaining to illegal migration at the southern border with Mexico. These policies had been largely effective at mitigating the effects of illegal migration into the country; Biden has reversed and rescinded many policies. This has emboldened many people to take actions to illegally enter the country. Millions of illegals have entered America in the three years that Biden has served as president and tens of thousands continue to enter the country on a daily basis.

Biden also has governed in a poor fashion economically. Early in his term, Biden authorized trillions of dollars in new federal spending which directly helped cause record levels of inflation not witnessed in decades. Today, as the cost of living has skyrocketed, 6 in 10 Americans are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck and in 99% of the nation home prices have grown so high that for most Americans making the median income ownership is nearly impossible.

Perhaps Bidens most dangerous actions as president have been his truly divisive rhetoric and his willingness to weaponize the federal government against political opponents. Biden has repeatedly claimed that “MAGA Republicans” (people that supported Trump) were grave threats to American democracy, effectively targeting millions of his own constituents and deeming them a threat to the government. Recently, a progressive group backed by Biden brought a case to the Colorado supreme court that barred Trump from appearing on the states presidential primary ballot. Biden in his irony claimed Trump threatens Americans “right to choose” electorally while himself hoping to restrict Trump from appearing on a ballot. The federal constitution and American free government are in danger.