Biden Slurs Speech Again in New White House Interview

On April 1st, during the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Biden made a gaffe about Easter bunnies. What the president appeared to call the ‘oyster’ or ‘orster’ bunnies were invited to be greeted by the audience.

While addressing the Easter Egg Roll in an appearance on a morning program, President Joe Biden (81) spoke in slurred speech, demonstrating the difficulties even with brief live television interviews.

An interviewer wanted to know what made this White House egg roll unique.
In his response, Biden had a pronounced lisp.

Biden’s slurring was brought to light by the RNC’s Rapid Response account on X. Another video in which Biden slurred was also included in the RNC account’s post.

A video shows that in a humiliating incident that went viral on social media, Biden’s teeth seemed to move and slip during a 2019 presidential debate with then-President Donald Trump.

The majority of Biden’s 2020 supporters now believe he is too elderly to make a difference, highlighting a voter worry over his age, according to a recent survey by the New York Times and Siena College.

A further 73% of voters think he is far too old to be productive, and 45% think he is incapable of performing the duties of his office.

Many doubt his mental capacity, given Biden’s history of embarrassing gaffes. A survey a few days before the president’s State of the Union speech indicated that almost 60% of Americans did not believe in his cognitive abilities.

While praising President Biden’s sympathies and good intentions, former special counsel Robert Hur said that his memory was lacking and that he was intellectually incapable of handling complex issues. The designation appeared in an investigation of Biden’s mismanagement of classified materials. Hur argued that Biden’s jury presentation would cast reasonable doubt and did not support prosecution. He believed that it would be tough to convict Biden of a felony as it requires a willingness in his state of mind.