Biden Expected To Assure Israel Of Support In Coming Trip

As the humanitarian situation in Gaza worsens, President Biden will travel to the Jewish state on Wednesday to show his steadfast support for Israel’s struggle against Hamas.

The current protests in the Middle East following a hospital attack further complicate matters, and this dangerous mission could determine his reaction to the Israel-Hamas battle. The physical risks of being in a war zone have been made clear by the visits of several of Biden’s senior deputies and bipartisan politicians who have already traveled to Israel to show their support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Politically, the trip could benefit Biden, but he must tread carefully as he supports Israel and attempts to ease the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. Supporters claim that by visiting a key ally on such short notice, Biden will be able to demonstrate his foreign policy prowess and set himself apart from his likely opponent in 2024, former President Trump.

As a gesture of solidarity with Israel, Biden plans to visit the nation and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. During his next stop in Jordan, the president planned to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt. According to rumors, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was also scheduled to attend but canceled on Biden out of protest. The White House explained the decision to cancel the trip by citing Abbas’s three-day mourning period following the tragedy.

Democratic strategists believe that, despite the upheaval, the trip will allow Biden to play to his foreign policy strengths. Biden has demonstrated his comfort in this area throughout his decades-long career in the Senate, which has included service on the Foreign Relations Committee. The rigorous trip schedule could allow the president to reassure his base that he can handle the rigors of the presidency.

By possibly centering his campaign on humanitarian measures, Biden can differentiate himself from Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Arizona Representative Andy Biggs, and others in the GOP who have argued that the United States should not take any migrants fleeing Gaza.