Biden Bleeds Muslim Support Over Israel Stance

Because of his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, some Muslim Americans are vowing not to support President Biden’s re-election bid in 2024.

Muslim leaders from several swing states gathered in Dearborn, Michigan, on December 9th to plan a nationwide reaction.

The campaign’s organizers have used the hashtag #AbandonBiden to express their determination to prevent President Biden from being re-elected.

Biden is under pressure from Muslim and Arab leaders to declare a truce in the Israel-Hamas confrontation in Gaza, where casualties are piling up.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, which Hamas manages, there have been 15,200 Palestinian casualties in the conflict so far. This figure does not differentiate between civilians and fighters. Roughly 1,200 Israelis have lost their lives, with the majority of casualties occurring during the Oct. 7 terrorist onslaught by Hamas, which set off the conflict.

After the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) accused Hamas of shooting at Israel recently, the ceasefire between the two groups was broken. Meanwhile, Hamas claims that Israel turned down a request to free further captives.

The conference’s co-organizer, Minneapolis-based Jaylani Hussein, said that Biden’s unwavering resistance to a cease-fire had irreparably harmed his standing among American Muslims. Hussein said that our tax money is funding the destruction of families and children.

According to Hussein, the fact that most of them voted for President Biden only served to heighten their anger. A religious leader told him that he wanted his 2020 vote back.

For the first time since July of 2022, Biden’s national job approval rating average fell into the thirties, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) survey of average polls. The current average approval rating on the RCP is 39.9 percent. There is an average disapproval rating of 56.6%.

A group of demonstrators confronted Vice President Kamala Harris on December 11th, urging the Biden administration to declare a truce in the Israel-Hamas War. Protesters raised a Ceasefire banner and shouted their demands.

Reports show U.S. Capitol Police apprehended fifty screaming protesters in a Congressional office building on December 11.