Bannon Mock Impeachment Leaders For Witness Selection

Steve Bannon, host of a podcast called The War Room, blasted House Republicans for choosing a witness who testified during the first impeachment inquiry hearing that there was insufficient evidence to impeach President Biden.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has spoken out against the Republicans in charge of the impeachment process, criticizing them for not verifying the details of Jonathan Turley’s remarks before Thursday’s first session.

Turley, a frequent Republican witness, said he wouldn’t vote to impeach Biden with the current evidence proffered by the House Oversight Committee hearing.

Bannon suggested in his podcast that the congressional team should have asked questions of the witnesses to prepare themselves.

According to Turley, an investigation is needed to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to warrant impeachment articles. But he does think the House has enough evidence to warrant investigating President Biden for impeachment.

In a later conversation, Turley told Representative Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) that he would vote against impeaching President Joe Biden if there were a vote at the current moment. The impeachment inquiry, Turley noted, is meant to collect evidence that may be used to back an impeachment vote. He would reserve the right to change his mind if a congressional investigation uncovers impeachable evidence.

Bannon seems not to understand the legal distinction Turley is pointing out and has ignorantly called the witness a blunder.

Turley emphasized that the committee’s primary objective should be to determine whether or not the president knew about, took part in, or sponsored influence peddling as a form of corruption.

When asked if there is sufficient evidence, Turley said it was ambiguous and unsure if there was but didn’t discount the possibility that evidence would be uncovered as the inquiries unfolded.

Turley said the committee’s focus on Biden’s financial transactions’ backend, which he is aware of, may provide some insight into the question of innocence or guilt, but absent any such nexus, he wouldn’t impeach currently.