AOC’s Home District Exposed For Dark Secret

Despite Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s early popularity within the Democrat Party, her constituents in a Queens area inside her district have grown tired of the rampant crime and illicit activities, such as prostitution, that plague their community.

Ramses Frías, who switched parties and is now campaigning for the Assembly District 39 post to improve his neighborhood, shares the view of most of his fellow neighbors that the area looks like the Third World. He videotaped many illegal merchants peddling piles of apparel, footwear, toys, and food on sidewalks.

Corona, Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights all fall within AOC’s jurisdiction, which is well-known for its illicit activities.

According to Frias, the streets are being invaded by prostitution and illegal migrants who are earning money by criminal methods, while unlicensed street sellers are stealing from legitimate local businesses.

Frias said thieves set up shops outside legitimate physical establishments, selling goods looted from charity bins or shops.  They don’t pay taxes, and they’re cutting off commerce for these legal businesses.  They are let off the hook without facing any consequences.

Illegal migrants have rendered the streets more dangerous and violent for locals like Frias, and he added that prostitutes are advertising sex.   They are not discreet and do whatever they want. Along 90th Street, outside of a restaurant and a discount store, they try to lure men while wearing very little clothing.  Right now, it’s cold, and they’re wearing more clothing, but it will be much worse in the summertime.

Frias’ comments follow the NYPD’s recent raids on twelve massage parlors, which reports indicated were involved in prostitution networks that operated in deplorable circumstances.

Noting that some Venezuelan women seeking employment in the city have resorted to prostitution, New York City Mayor Eric Adams used AOC’s district as an example of runaway crime committed by migrants.

After the prostitution raid in AOC’s district in January, Adams claimed that when illegal aliens feel like they can’t make ends meet, they will resort to unlawful acts. This happens in an environment where people cannot work or pay bills.