Albuquerque Man Attacks While Eating at Fast Food Restaurant

An Albuquerque man remains in a coma following a brutal attack and senseless attack which had no apparent reason. 

The victim’s family is seeking answers. They say the event happened in a fast-food restaurant.

Tim Roberts’s daughter Jasmine wants to know who did this to her dad.

According to Tim Roberts’s daughter Renee, her father is still in the ICU; he is in a coma and hasn’t been responsive.

Last week, Roberts was the victim of an assault at the McDonald’s on the corner of Central and Yale in the University area. The family claims that upon his arrival, he was only placing an order for food. A man walked over toward Mr. Roberts and punched him in the face. 

Renee said her dad had just gone over to a kiosk and asked a question when the perpetrator walked toward him.

Roberts was barely coherent after the attack, but a sergeant from the Albuquerque Police Department at the scene managed to help get Roberts loaded into an ambulance and sent to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where his health worsened dramatically.

Jasmine Roberts reminded everyone that anything can happen to anybody out of nowhere and for no reason.

Roberts was getting dialysis therapy in addition to being disabled and having recently moved to the Albuquerque region. He had no relationship with the person who attacked him, according to his relatives.

Words fail, said the daughter Renee, when you watch your parent get brutally attacked, especially a parent that old.

Many of his relatives live in a different state, and they are anxiously waiting for word from the police. At the same time, everyone is hoping that Roberts will recover fully and that they will receive more information about the attack. 

Jasmine Roberts described her dad as a lively, funny, grounded, and hilarious guy. She added that he is also a really good friend, a really good grandpa, and a really sweet dad.