Accused Murderer Claims Victim Is ‘Good At Disappearing’

A suspect in a murder case said to authorities that her missing stepfather was “good at disappearing,” intimating that he was alive.

After seeing Surie Suksiri, 31, at her north London apartment on August 28, 2021, Frank McKeever, 63, disappeared without a trace. After being threatened by Suksiri, he was forced into recording a 47-second video in which he admitted to molesting her when she was six and said, “I deserve to be punished.”

Juned Sheikh (her partner) and Suksiri have denied charges that they killed Mr. McKeever and prevented his remains from being adequately buried on or around September 3, 2021.

Later, an undercover police officer codenamed “Nat” befriended Suksiri and revealed that she had beaten the s**t out of him. She spent £350 on a car and traveled 80 miles to a secret site where the killers had never publicly discussed dumping the body.

Sheikh said he hadn’t seen Mr. McKeever since he left the residence, alive.

The defendants searched for “cheap Ford Cars for sale in the UK” and other terms related to used cars on Google on September 1, 2021.

According to prosecutor Bill Emlyn Jones, there is no room for question, especially in light of what Suksiri later revealed to Nat regarding where they purchased the automobile for £350. The prosecution argues that the inactive phone period corresponds to the time the defendants traveled.

Suksiri called Frank McKeever at 4:06 p.m. on September 3, 2021.

As the web of evidence closes on her, the prosecution claims she has traded one lie for another. According to the prosecution, she only told the truth once, to Nat, when she believed he was someone she could trust. She had no reason to lie about herself or Juned Sheikh because she had no motive.

The prosecution does not believe Sukshiri could have acted alone.

Both Sheikh and Suksiri have denied charges of murder and hindering the proper and respectful burial of a deceased. The trial is ongoing.